Special Course in Abstract Oil Painting

How to Paint Abstracts

Course Summary


This course covers various approaches to abstract painting on both a small and large scale.  This includes abstract knife painting and geometric abstraction.



Key Foundations Covered


Colour Mixing



Methods Covered


Alla Prima





Additional Elements Covered




Knife painting



Estimated Course Length  


The estimated time required to complete the course is 90 hours taught lesson time and 75 hours of home-based assignments. 





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Times Lessons Are Available



Course Fees (for one-to-one)


The course can be paid for in one of three ways:


a) £35 per hour, paying after each lesson



b) Blocks of hours paid in advance:


10 hours         £315 (10% discount) £31.50 per hour   


20 hours         £595 (15% discount) £29.75 per hour


30 hours         £840 (20% discount) £28.00 per hour  




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