Always Wanted to Take Up Painting, but Never Had Time?


Many people have come to me over the years, either retired or on the verge of retirement, asking to learn oil painting and saying they have wanted to paint for a long time, but were always too busy with work.  My response is always, "Well, it's never too late."  




A Wonderful Hobby for Retirement


Not only is it never too late, oil painting, like any form of painting and drawing, is perfectly suited as a hobby for most people during their retirement years.  It provides a relaxing form of creativity, can be combined with travel and outdoor activities, or if prefered (and for those less physically mobile) can be a perfect home-based hobby that is very undemanding physically.




The Perfect Twilight Career


Some people want to take oil painting more seriously and develop careers as painters following retirement.  This can be taken as a part-time or full-time endeavour, making paintings for exhibitions and entering art competitions.  This can be extremely rewarding, especially when someone likes your work enough to buy one or two pieces.  Many painters have continued painting until the very end, sometimes well into their 80s or 90s, so there could be many years of successful painting ahead of you!







Oil Painting for the 'Twilight' Generation

A Perfect Hobby for Retirement

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