Painting Portraits


Due to the delicate nature of facial features, eyes, hair, and the need to achieve a likeness, successfully painting portraits requires a considerable degree of skill in all of the key foundations - drawing, brush technique, use of tonal values and colour mixing.  Learning to paint portraits therefore takes a lot of practice to gradually build skill and confidence. If a person were to attempt a highly realistic oil portrait with no prior experience of drawing or painting portraits they would inevitably struggle and may never return to portrait painting,

thinking that it is just too difficult.



How To Paint Portraits Courses


The courses are specifically designed to take a person from the very beginnings of drawing portraits and gradually build step by step towards being able to make sophisticated and complex full colour oil portraits.  



Which Course Should I Do?


Anyone with little or no experience of drawing and painting portraits would need to begin

with level 1.  


Level 2a & 2b are actually options for those with a preference to either paint from live subjects or photographs.  Level 2a focuses upon drawing and painting live models and self portraits, whereas level 2b focuses upon drawing and painting from photographs to a point of high realism.  Therefore either or both courses can be done following level one.

Both courses are recommended if possible so as to gain the fullest breadth of practice and experience available.


Level 3a & 3b extend the skills developed in the corresponding level two courses.  

Three-quarter length and full-figure portraits, involving how to paint clothing, as well as lighting, poses and other elements of composition are explored in more depth, so as to create professional quality portraits.

How to Paint Portraits

Five Courses On Painting Portraits

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Special Note: There will be a reduction of hours and fees on How To Paint Portraits levels 1,  2a and 2b for anyone who has completed the How To Draw Portraits Course as the drawing sections of the painting courses will not be required.  Please see individual levels for details on reduced hours and fees.


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