Learn Oil Painting

What You Can Expect to Learn From the Lessons

This is not a complete list by any means, but should provide a more detailed view of some of the particular skills and knowledge focused upon during lessons.

Drawing Lessons

Can you draw what you actually see?

Learn to make drawings based upon pure observation

Which parts are important and which parts are not?

Learn to select and draw the important parts of a subject

Can you get the parts right?

Learn to draw things in proportion

How can you make realisistic drawings?

Learn to use tone to make objects appear solid and real

How can you make objects fit the picture?

Learn to bring objects into an effective relationship with their surroundings

Blending and Value Lessons

How do you paint soft skin or fading skies?

Learn to make smooth and gradual changes in the painted surface

How do you make realistic paintings?

Learn to recreate real and solid objects in paint

Do the things you paint look like cardboard cut-outs?

Learn to soften the edges of objects and shadows

What should you mix into the oil paint?

Learn to use oil and turpentine to give oil paint an effective consistency

Colour Mixing Lessons

What is the best way to mix oil paint?

Learn to use a palette and palette knife effectively

What colours can I make by mixing paints?

Learn how to mix the primary colours to make secondary colours

Learn how to mix the primary colours to make browns and blacks

Learn to use the primary colours and white to recreate real colours precisely

Learn to use the primary colours and white to make imagined colours precisely

Alla Prima Oil Painting Lessons

Does oil painting have to take a long time?

Learn to make a full-colour oil painting from start to finish in only a few hours

I want to see the brush strokes in my paintings

Learn to make vibrant and expressive oil paintings

What are the stages of making an oil painting?
Learn to build an oil painting in the correct sequence

Can you get the colours right on the canvas?

Learn to mix and test colours whilst making an oil painting

Learn to adjust colours on a painting

Learn to combine colour, light and dark effectively

Layered Oil Painting Lessons

What are the stages of a layered oil painting?

Learn to make the first layer of an oil painting

Learn to make the second layer of an oil painting

Learn to make final additions and adjustments to a layered oil painting

How much oil should I mix into a layered painting?

Learn how to make and use medium for the first layer of an oil painting

Learn how to make and use medium for the second layer of an oil painting


Impasto Oil Painting Lessons

Learn to make paintings with thick and rich oil paint

Learn to use impasto medium

Learn to make oil paintings with painting knives

Learn to create movement and texture in an oil painting with a painting knife

Learn to use a painting knife to create edges

Learn to blend areas of an oil painting using a painting knife

Composition Lessons

Learn to create balance and harmony in a painting

Learn to lead the viewer's eye

Learn to select the correct canvas for a painting

Learn to use lighting to create effective compositions

Learn to use complementary colours in a painting

Learn what 'colour families' are and how to use them in a painting

Ideas, Feelings and Communication Lessons

Learn how to work out your ideas for paintings

Learn to develop your own approach to painting

Learn to clarify your artistic purpose

Additional Elements Lessons

Learn to use glazes to enhance or adjust an oil painting

Learn how to varnish an oil painting

Learn to use additional oil painting media

Learn about additional possibilities of oil painting and how to use unusual techniques

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