Course Summary


The beginners course is a series of lessons giving the essential knowledge and techniques that absolute beginners need to start making their own oil paintings.  This is a simple introduction that will serve as an excellent base from which to begin practicing at home and then for further courses or tailored tuition.  


By the end of the course you will have made at least 6 oil paintings.



Key Foundations Covered




Blending and Value


Colour Mixing



Subjects Covered


Landscape / Outdoors


Still Life



Methods Covered


Alla Prima / Wet-in-Wet



Additional Elements





Course Length  


The course consists of 25 hours taught lesson time and approximately 28 hours home-based assignment time.  



Course Schedule


Please see:


Times Lessons Are Available               



Course Fees


The course can be paid for in one of three ways:


a) £35 per hour, paying after each lesson



b) Blocks of hours paid in advance:


10 hours         £315 (10% discount) £31.50 per hour  


20 hours         £595 (15% discount) £29.75 per hour



c) Full course  £700 (20% discount) £28.00 per hour



or £775 *


* Special Service: when paying for the course in full a beginner's pack of materials worth at least £75 can also be ordered on behalf of the student in preparation for starting the course.  This means no worrying about which materials you will need to get going.  


This will include recommended oil paints, brushes, oil, turpentine, oil painting paper and a palette knife ordered online at very reasonable prices to maximise the amount of materials (these materials would generally cost more from a walk-in shop).


A receipt for at least £75 worth of materials will be provided.



Note: Beginners can either take this course and get some immediate experience of making oil paintings and then move onto another course or they can go straight onto a more extensive course.  Either way is fine, but absolute beginners may prefer the beginners course at first, as they will have the opportunity to begin making oil paintings very quickly.

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