Tuition can continue for as long as desired.  This may be weeks or years.


For a beginner, this may be until he / she has the confidence to continue painting alone.


For the more experienced, it may simply be until the relevant gaps have been filled.


Really it depends on a students starting level, the level to which one aspires and the subjects painted.


Sometimes a student may have lessons and then go away and paint for a while and return for further lessons as new questions arise or to learn additional techniques.  Or they may simply want to discuss the paintings they have made and get some feedback and a little advice on how to develop their work.


The number of hours required in total varies from person to person.



How long does it take to learn oil painting?


The Oil Painting for Beginners Course takes 25 hours lesson time, which will get anyone started.  Then it is a matter of taking additional lessons and painting and painting and...painting!  This will give an ongoing development for as long as you keep painting.  In other words, you never stop learning!


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