Can I Really Learn to Paint Portraits?


Learning to paint portraits is a common interest, but also often a feared subject.  However, like any subject in oil painting, the foundations are the key.  Drawing is particularly important, as a good degree of competence in this is required to achieve a portrait that has a likeness.


Painting portraits does tend to be a little more complicated due to the intricate structure of facial features and the level of technique required.  It therefore may take a little more patience to learn to paint portraits, but it can be learned with sufficient practice and taken one step at a time.


During the portrait painting lessons you can learn to achieve a likeness, paint facial details and gain certainty and experience in tackling this very rewarding subject.  



To What Level Can I Take My Portrait Painting Technique?


Portraiture can be covered during lessons on any of the methods of oil painting, including layered oil painting in which technique can be taken to a high level so as to achieve intense realism in portraits.



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Learn to Paint Portraits and Achieve a Good Likeness

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