Why Email Tutorials?


Sometimes it can be very valuable to receive feedback and advice on how to improve your paintings or how to move forward.  Where in-person lessons are not possible, email tutorials can be an excellent way of receiving much needed advice.  And every piece of advice is written and recorded for you to refer back to as many times as needed.



Who Can Have Email Tutorials? 


Email tutorials are appropriate for anyone undertaking oil painting wishing to receive guidance and advice, whether absolute beginner or more advanced.  The email tutorials are available worldwide to anyone with a reasonable grasp of the English language.



What Will An Email Tutorial Contain? 


Each tutorial will consist of 300-400 words in the form of a critique in response to images of your oil paintings and / or answers to specific questions and step-by-step guidance on how to improve certain aspects of your oil painting.  


Tutorials will be carefully considered to provide constructive criticism as well as advice on techniques in a sensible sequence.



Fees & Booking


Email tutorials can be paid for in one of three ways:


a) 1 email tutorial in advance - £20.00


b) 5 email tutorials in advance - £90.00 (£18.00 per tutorial)


c) 10 email tutorials in advance - £170.00 (£17.00 per tutorial)


Payment can be made easily online:




The tutorials are considered to be booked once payment is complete at which point images of oil paintings and / or questions can be sent via the form below or directly to:


[email protected]


Enquiries to discuss your needs can be made prior to payment and booking if you are unsure as to the quantity of tutorials needed. Use the above email or contact the tutor.



Image Quality


Please try to send good quality images.  Videos can also be useful to show details.  

Imagine you have never seen the actual painting - would the pictures or videos give you a clear view of the painting?


The clearer the images / videos, the more precise the email tutorial can be.


Email images to [email protected] 

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