Set Courses


The set courses are offered as an alternative to an individually tailored program of tuition.  Each course has its own distinct purpose, whether to get the absolute beginner up and running, provide a general grounding in the possibilities of oil painting or to focus upon one particular subject or method in depth.


The courses are taken on a one-to-one basis.


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The schedules are flexible to fit personal circumstances, but you will be required to work out a fixed regular schedule, even if only one lesson per month.  The length of lessons will vary, for example, lessons on colour mixing can last for as little as 1 hour, but lessons in which actual paintings are made may need to last as long as 4 hours or more.  



Levels of Courses


The courses are designed to be equally appropriate for both beginners and those with some experience.  All concentrate on developing skill within the key foundations which are appropriate to all levels and each student is allowed to work at a level appropriate to their own experience. The only exception being the Oil Painting for Beginners Course, which is exclusively for absolute beginners.  



Taking More Than One Course   


Courses can be taken in a number of possible sequences, depending on needs and personal preference.  As an example, a beginner may take the Oil Painting for Beginners Course and then move on to do How To Paint Portraits.



Fees for All Courses


Courses can be paid on a pay-as-you-go basis after each lesson or in blocks of hours paid in advance at a discount:


Pay-as-you-go                                £35.00 per hour


10 hours         £315 (10% discount) £31.50 per hour


20 hours         £595 (15% discount) £29.75 per hour


30 hours         £840 (20% discount) £28.00 per hour  


Short courses can also be paid for in full for a discount (see individual courses).

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