Course Summary


This course covers key foundations, alla prima and oil painting in layers, exclusively in relation to still life.  It is designed for anyone wishing to develop their drawing and painting skills in relation to still life.  This is an ideal way to lay a secure foundation of drawing and painting skill through relatively simple subject matter.  Both beginners and those with some experience can take this course.


By the end of the course you will have made at least 12 still life oil paintings.


Key Foundations Covered




Blending and Value


Colour Mixing



Methods Covered


Alla Prima




Additional Elements Covered


Glazing as needed



Estimated Course Length  


The course consists of approximately 125 hours taught lesson time and 105 hours of home-based drawing and painting assignments. 



Course Schedule


Please see:          


Times Lessons Are Available



Course Fees (for one-to-one)


The course can be paid for in one of two ways:


a) £35 per hour, paying after each lesson



b) Blocks of hours paid in advance:


10 hours         £315 (10% discount) £31.50 per hour   


20 hours         £595 (15% discount) £29.75 per hour


30 hours         £840 (20% discount) £28.00 per hour  

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