Not Enough Time?


Insufficient time is one of the most common obstacles that stops a person from doing the things they would like.  Sometimes peope are so busy, they find it difficult to see where they can fit everything in.  Organisation and prioritising activities can be a huge help in creating more time for yourself.  Here is a helpful article on the subject: Time Management Skills



Not Enough Money?


Insufficient money is another common obstacle that stops a person.  Sometimes people can feel  they are working just to make ends meet, without any real money left over for leisure activities.

Here is a great resource, giving many ways to manage your money effectively:

Beginners Guide to Managing Your Money



A Simple Solution


The above tools can certainly help, but here is a very simple immediate solution:


Simply set aside 2 hours once a month and put £2.50 in a jar each day.


That's only 2 hours once every 4 weeks or so and the price of a coffee each day!


This is the time and money for a 2 hour lesson each month.  I don't mind being paid in coins!


2 hours each month does not sound like a lot, but you may be surprised how skills can build if you just keep chipping away at it, and before you know it you'll be making some very nice oil paintings.

Not Enough Time or Money for Lessons?

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There is a Simple Solution