Painting Classes in Brighton & Hove

Painting Classes - Pairs & Groups of Three

Lessons are usually given on a one-to-one basis, but friends or family can receive tuition together in painting classes.  This can be arranged to take place in pairs or small groups of three.

This can be taken in the form of individual programs of tuition, where each person is working on their own painting pathway, or in the form of one of the set painting courses, where everyone is doing the same painting exercises

Fees & Special Offers for Painting Classes

The fees for pairs or small groups are as follows:

pair - £50 per hour (£25 per person)

group of three - £60 per hour (£20 per person)

The special offers are as follows:

10 hours paid in advance - 5% discount

20 hours paid in advance - 10% discount

30 hours paid in advance - 15% discount